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CRM Data Mining Services

There is more market aggression that requires organization regardless of their sizes to make moves from the normal reactive approaches to the effective proactive approaches to predict trends in businesses in order to keep up with the competitive nature of the market.

The main of adopting proactive approach is to understand customer behaviors, analyze their characteristics in buying and thus offer the right products to the customers. To achieve this, there is the need to build data mining models with the use of historical data as well as attributes available.

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The CRM main objectives :

With implementation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the main focus of an organization is directed towards building strategies to strengthen and manage customer relationships and get loyal and long-lasting customers. CRM therefore needs to be customer-focused.

  • Customer development achieved by customer insight.
  • Customer retention achieved by customer satisfaction.

The main use of data mining models is to address the objectives of CRM and deliver right messages to right customers. It involves assessing customers’ values, understanding and predicting the behaviors of these customers.

Data mining in CRM framework

Data mining offers customer insight to organizations for establishing CRM frameworks. This leads to customers interactions that are personalized hence increased satisfactions for the organization thus ensuring profitability.

Data mining models supports management of customers through all stages of the customers’ lifecycle. Marketers aim to get more market share and bigger share of its customers. Data mining is used to attract, develop and retain customers.

Marketing activities support -

Customer segmentation :

Behavioral segmentation

Here, customers are grouped differently based on their knowledge, uses, responses and attitude towards a product.

Value-based segmentation

Here, customers are put into groups according to current customer value or expected/estimated customer value.

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Value at risk (VaR) segmentation

Customer segmentation is based in value and estimated churn propensity scores that is voluntary.

Targeted marketing campaigns :

Value-based segmentation

  • Estimating propensity to take up add-on product, switch to more profitable one or increase usage of an existing one.
  • Estimating the lifetime value of customers.
  • Value-churn estimation and estimate other likelihoods of customers to churn.

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