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Data Capture Services

In this era, data and information come in various forms. In modern day, organizations prefer their data in electronic formats for efficiency purposes in storage and flexibility in use. A number of organizations therefore, use the services in data capture to transform physical data into electronic formats, for easy organization and management of such data effectively and efficiently.

DataEntryBox is a service provider in data capture services that has proven to be an industry leader through significant years of experience offering quality services to its vast clients all over the world. We are equipped with necessary technology and reliable manpower that is made up of a team of well experienced and highly trained individuals who are dedicated at providing you with worth praising solutions in your data capture needs.

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Reasons of outsource your project to DataEntryBox

Our typical process of data capture involves using scanning technologies such as OCR to manual data capture (for example capturing data form website or PDF), data capture from scan image document, processing data, as well as data storage on web server.

Quality, professionalism, efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness and full customer satisfaction are the principles that drive us in delivering our services.

We specialize in every data capture stem such as conversion of paper to image, document imaging and also data processing services. With the use of latest technologies, we process external data formats such as image, text, video, audio into your desired output formats. Our techniques in conversion in conjunction with our skilled team, we can aid voluminous ventures like :

The process saves you organizational costs and time that you can direct to core activities of your business. Some of the advantages include :

  • Form processing
  • File conversion
  • Electronic publications
  • Extraction of data from the web

DataEntryBox’s Data Capture Techniques

Our team of best specialists and professionals in the industry diligently achieve the following techniques:

  • Linear imaging
  • Long-range & short-range scanning
  • Meta Data Tagging
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Images Retouching for OCR
  • Web Data scraping

Why we are the best in the industry?

Our techniques in data capture are pre-tested and proved to efficiently work and they are also recommended. We maintain utmost accuracy with the use of these latest technologies while maintaining quality results. Our track record speaks for itself and the happy customers we have served are proof we are a reliable firm.

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Benefits of collaborating with us

  • Exceptionally great quality output
  • Skilled and highly experienced professionals to assist you
  • Highly effective and recommended techniques to efficiently capture data
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of your data
  • Industry’s best turn-around time
  • We offer services at most competitive market rates
  • High quality services incomparable to others

Advantages of our services

  • Sophisticated techniques
  • Incomparable market prices
  • Utmost confidentiality
  • Fast delivery time frames

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Get in touch with us today or soon for the best solutions in your data capture needs. Our customer service team works around the clock to make sure you get the best responses in your queries and concerns. Reach out to us!

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Team of Data Collection Experts

We can handle any spurce format like website to scan document. We can use our research skill to get the appropriate data form the specified source. The final data will be deliver by an excel file or any specific file format as required.

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