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Data Migration is Hard - We Make it Easy

Data Migration Services

Data migration is defined transfer of data among old content management system to new content management system, like HTML to WordPress, WordPress to Joomla, Drupal even for ecommerce. Data migration is crucial to overlook in any given system implementation, system upgrade or even consolidation.

For your data migration needs, you need the services and solutions from the best service providers in the industry.

DataEntryBox is a service provider in data migration services. We are a reliable company that has been handling data migration needs of our various clients since 1996. The vast experience and a happy client base make us your most preferred and trusted partner in your data migration needs. Our teams of experts who are also knowledgeable in data migration are committed in delivering beyond your set limits.

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Importance of data migration services

A successful data migration process will enable you to manage data and put it to its full potential use. Poor quality data can hinder the migration process with its value being eroded with inaccuracies.

Nowadays, business environments require customers’ views backed by immediate and reliable reporting and thus, high-quality data is very important in making and/or saving money. According to reliable research, approximately 50% of projects in data migration run over expected budget and/or late and it’s largely due to poor data quality.

Why DataEntryBox?

We have been migrating data since the year 1996, as one of our integral parts of our data enrichment, cleansing, response handling & businesses. We at DataEntryBox have handled hundreds of projects in data migration from simple lift & shift of thousand records to a fully integrated migration of sets of millions of records.

The depth experience enables us to note potential issues before they even become real and actual problems for your business. With this, we are able to save you money and any costs that the problem might lead to. We are able to handle the process seamlessly without slightly interfering with your business processes.

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We take pride in vast experience of well-known existing systems. Majority of our work however comes from salesforce, oracle, cloud applications, blackboard raiser's edge and Microsoft dynamics.

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How we approach the process?

The scope of the migration should be briefed and budgeted for in terms of what technology to put to use that will work of the developer and facilitate correct allocation of resources. All migration is run on the basis of Practical Data Migration 2 (PDM2) which is our data experience.

Contact us soon if you want to experience what is regarded as the best quality services and solutions for your data migration needs offered at the most affordable rates in the industry and delivered at the fastest given time. We simply deliver beyond your expectations. Reach out to our customer service team to get assisted in your queries and concerns on real time basis.

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