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We are mining over 59,000 contact data records per month for a leading Capital Investment Company.

Data Mining Services

DataEntryBox, a reliable and experienced in offering data mining services, is here to extract information of value from large raw data amounts for organizations that neither have the technical know-how nor enough resources to do the same. We are here to offer Data Mining solutions to both large and small organizations.

We use data mining tools extensively across diverse industrial sectors like Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Marketing, and so on for recognizing significant trends, patterns, exceptions and relationships in making better business decisions.

Our highly qualified and experienced analysts will help in interpreting data accurately leading to better quality, informed business decisions, improved processes and enhanced customer satisfaction for your business.

Our services are of high-quality, timely and above all, cost-effective.

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Our Data Mining Service Offerings :

DataEntryBox services adhere to standard practices of clustering, classification, pattern recognition, regression, and all other related rules in data mining. This as a result enables you to solve complex problems in business by revealing patterns that are hardly detected using the standard OLAP and query tools.

Contact Data Mining

The world interaction has largely been changed by social media. With above 1 billion active Facebook users and over 500 million Twitter users, around 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are investing in data mining techniques and data analytics to predict consumer behaviors, get information and improve sales.

Our social media data mining services are aimed at providing you with a view of global communication patterns and immediate human behaviors. Our analysts go and filter through billions of user profiles, posts, metadata and interactions from some of the largest social media channels, blogs, professional social networks and other micro blogging platforms for analyzing trends and providing vital information to the business interests of your company. Some of our services in social media data mining include -

  • Social data mining for studying consumer behaviors
  • Historic data mining for comparing trends
  • Contact information data mining from LinkedIn

Other Data Mining Services:

We respectfully approach all our projects as unique ventures, since we are aware that every business has its own needs just like every data mining project. Our data mining offers further consists of data mining :

  • Executive Contact Information Research
  • Data and Metadata extraction
  • For Customer Segmentation
  • From Twitter
  • Facebook Business Page
  • From White Pages
  • Data Interpretation
  • From Multimedia Databases
  • Online News and Information Research
  • In Judge Price Elasticity
  • For Marketing Channel Optimization
  • Extracted Data Spreadsheet Presentations
  • For Competitor Analysis
  • Data Stream Mining and Sensor Data
  • From Websites

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Why Choose DataEntryBox for Your Data Mining Requirement?

We have served and continue to serve over 9000 global clients making our experience, quality proven track record and uncompromised results in our approaches toward our services as opposed to our counterparts. Having us as your data mining partner, you benefit from -

  • Highly cost-effective services guaranteeing up to 60% savings on operational costs.
  • A risk-free outsourcing experience with stringent policies and practices in information security.
  • Free trial option to verify our commitment to follow high quality benchmark.
  • Strict dedication to stipulated turnaround time while maintaining quality.
  • Several delivery formats for reports in Data mining, including Excel, PDF, Text, XML, etc.

Choose DataEntryBox for the best quality in Data Mining Services

With the services in data mining, you are able find new, reliable patterns within a large amount of existing data and generate practical insights beneficial to your business. You can verify skills and expertise by using our Free Trial Program. For more information you can contact our supportive executive who will respond to all your queries.

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