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Data Processing Services

Regardless of the size, organizations need to have data processing & information system. Whether you deal with large raw volumes of data or data that considered small, it is important to note that data conversion and processing is very important in decision making pertaining to your business. These tasks however, are costly in terms of overheads, staff salaries and also infrastructural burdens.

You are therefore recommended to seek the outsourcing services of a reliable service provider.

DataEntryBox is the right outsourcing service provider for you. It is one of the companies that spearheaded in forming the outsourcing domain in the country. You might nowadays have a lot of options to choose from but when you consider experience, professionalism, cost, quality and among other factors, then we come first on your list.

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How we can help with your data processing requirement

Unlike many firms that describe data processing inaccurately to mean data entry and capturing, we emphasize on the entire process that captures raw data, process this data either electronically or use of computers, conversion and analysis, and presentation of this data in different formats that are easily accessible.

What you stand to benefit from DataEntryBox?

The process saves you organizational costs and time that you can direct to core activities of your business. Some of the advantages include :

  • Large-volume data processing – Large volumes of data are cost incentive and require a lot of time to manage. We do all that for you at a very affordable price.
  • Data entry in various formats – We have technical resources and a team of experts who capture data from various input formats.
  • We let you save up to 60% of your cost on our services.
  • Minimize data inconsistency.
  • Statistical analysis to obtain information and details about your business, customers, suppliers, competitors, etc.
  • Presentation of data in different formats according to your specifications enabling you easy access to your information.
  • Extraction of data from contents that are unstructured to create databases and spreadsheets.

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We are a trusted and reliable destination that takes pride in a fully satisfied 9,000 client base across 45 different countries.

  • Our global solutions are applicable to publishers, news corporations, libraries, learning institutions, or any other organization dealing with data and information.
  • With the use of up-to-date scanning facilities, we digitize your print format data.

We encourage you to get in touch with us soon to experience high quality services in your data processing needs that we offer at the most competitive market rates. We also offer on real time basis. Our experienced team works around the clock to effectively respond to your needs and queries.

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What can we do to help?

We are well digitally equipped to handle even extremely complex publishing solutions like journals, mathematical & scientific books, texts, and newsletters, we boast of experienced researchers, editors, proofreaders who are ready to give you 100% accurate results.

We have highly technical and proficient personnel in different teams for each and every service provision highly dedicated to serving you.

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