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If you are a B2B marketer, it is necessary to verify your master database.

Data Verification Services

Inaccurate Data can severely impact the organizational growth and the effective implementation of the marketing plan irrespective of the size of the business. This calls for critical need of having correct and accurate data used in major decision making of any organization. For steady growth, correct and accurate data must be ensured.

DataEntryBox, a data verification service provider that offers quality solutions in data verification services, works on principles of high-quality, accuracy, and authenticity in providing verification needs for your business. We understand that the source of the data does not matter but the data verification and validation for the business. we therefore ensure data in authentic and accurate enough for your needs.

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How We integrate data, verify and validate master database to maintain your data quality :

Email Verification

The quality of emails in your database dictates the fate of campaign of your emails. You therefore might waste huge amount of time if your database has lots of unverified email addresses thus calling for need of email verification. We will ensure that the master database consists of accurate, valid email addresses to improve deliverability of emails.


It is important that your master databases have verified numbers for the sake of your marketing efforts. Note that each and every number in your master database is your lead or potential customer and thus wrong numbers are a waste of time, efforts and resources.

DataEntryBox ensures verification of every contact number in databases of our clients. We scrap inactive and old data to offer you a clean, verified and updated database. We also employ extensive tests in verification processes to identify risks in your master database and resolve them through our process of level-3 web research.

Social Verification

It is not enough to have phone numbers in your database but you need to have right names, titles and companies for improving the effectiveness of your set marketing strategies. We validate titles, names and companies against several social networks with an aim of digging out contacts and titles.

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What You Stand To Gain?

  • Right phone numbers and email addresses making sure that you get better marketing results.
  • Data verification process offers you with correct contact numbers and email addresses making you need less time and effort to reach your target audiences.

  • Reliable researches Email marketing databases degrade naturally by closely 22.5% annually meaning after a year, your database becomes less effective and obsolete. To prevent this, contact us today for effective verification services.

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We at DataEntryBox offer data verification services of high quality. Here are main benefits that you and your business can enjoy from our services. Verification of data means right people receive emails and there are no email sent to non-existent email addresses thus improving your business reputation.

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