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Handwritten Document Data Entry Services

Are you in need of help converting large volumes of files in paper into electronic files done on a regular basis? Are you looking for a service provider to provide you with just what you need? Look no farther.

DataEntryBox is one of the leading service provider offering solutions in conversion of paper files into electronic files to reduce or get rid paperwork in your business.

Our team that is made up of more than 125 experts and skilled individuals, who work on every single hour of the clock to compress, accurately convert as well as centralize paper files that are either handwritten and/or printed in clients’ preferred digitized formats. We accomplish this by blending our reliable tools, skilled personnel, and quality control processes.

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Data Entry Services Of Printed Documents

Collecting and successfully converting data from voluminous printed documents can be cumbersome and time consuming and this is where comes in. You can hand over this task to our team who will accurately and carefully perform this task for you and save you time you can direct to your core activities of your business.

We do conversion on different printed documents like :

  • Journals
  • Yellow and white pages
  • Encyclopedias
  • Insurance claim documents
  • Real estate foreclosure documents
  • Various legal documents
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Medical records
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • Dictionaries and manuals
  • Business cards
  • We also apply the use of OCR (Optical character Reader) technology to scan images, and also doubled-keying to make sure 99.9% accuracy level is attained depending on the type of project.

    Data Entry Services Of Handwritten Documents

    We offer a variety of ranges in handwritten document data entry like :

    • Accounts sheets
    • Legal documents
    • Medical reports
    • Letters, memos and notes
    • Vouchers
    • Research statistics
    • Questionnaires

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Why You Need To Outsource to Us

Our track record speaks for itself. We have offered our high-quality services to a happy client base all across the globe who are in various industries including insurance, legal, health care, learning institutions, travel, publications and so on. This makes us not only reliable but also your trusted partner.

We are equipped with robust infrastructure and highly skilled team of over 125 individuals committed to giving you the best services within your given time. We are guided by professionalism, accuracy, quality, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness as well as 100 percent customer satisfaction in serving you.

We advise you to contact us soon if you want to experience the best solutions in your printed and handwritten document data entry services that we deliver at the industry’s most competitive rates, delivered within your stipulated time because we value you as our client. Our customer service team is readily available to receive and assist you in any of your concerns.

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This task might seem impossible but with the blend of our highly skilled workforce and latest tools, we make sure 99.9% accuracy is attained in the service delivery.

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