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Image Data Entry Services

DataEntryBox is a well-known service provider in Image Data Entry Services. We give you solutions to your large volumes of data that are stored in hard copies or image formats and need to be converted to well organized digitized formats.

We approach data entry with the objective of providing you with enhanced experiences in information. We can capture your image data, accurately key in and organize them in relevant orders and present them in easily accessible formats as per your specifications.

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Our image data entry services include the following :

  • Image Capturing
  • Image Keying and Indexing
  • Image Storage and Retrieval
  • Image Conversion to PDF and xhtml
  • Creation of Database Files from Images
  • Catalogue Data Entry
  • Image Sorting
  • Data Entry of Scanned Images
  • Data Entry in Excel Spread Sheet

With DataEntryBox, you can get the entire document scanning & image processing, conversion and editing. Also provided are services on digital imaging such as editing, cropping and enhancement of images. We incorporate our expertise in image processing and data entry to effectively produce quality results for our clients.

Why You Need to Outsource Image Data Entry Services?

You gain from a number of benefits when you collaborate with us including:

  • Zero cases information losses
  • Assurance of quality
  • Savings of up to 60% on your operating costs
  • Projects Assurance of 98% accuracy level in results
  • Done within a reasonably fast turnaround time

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The Advantage of Collaborating with DataEntryBox

  • DataEntryBox is a trusted outsourcing destination that can handle your needs by converging the best expertise and experience to the table.
  • We have a defined, well tried and tested process in image data entry.
  • You are assured of dedicated services of Project Managers to handle your tasks.
  • We can handle enormous volumes of image data entry.
  • We have highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • We use state-of-the-art technologies and software for our services.
  • We ensure maximum data security by using stringent security measures to give you risk free outsourcing experience.
  • Our experience in outsourcing industry translates into well managed, efficient and cost-effective projects for you.

Choose DataEntryBox for the best services in image data entry needs. Our outsourcing experience speaks for itself with marked testimonials of over 300 happy clients globally. Contact us with your data entry needs and we shall duly respond within the next 24 hours. DataEntryBox assures you a profitable and fruitful outsourcing relationship!

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