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Mailing List Compilation Service

Organizations and individuals need to have compilation of mailing lists of consumers and businesses in databases for ease of access and contacting potential clients and prospects. This should also involve enriching, standardizing and cleaning databases.

AskMyHand, a leading global company, exists to provide solutions in compilation of mailing lists from various sources like marketing directories, printing data and scrubbing of raw data.

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Mailing List Compilation Services Application Areas :

  • Mailing address verification
  • Email address verification
  • Compilation of mailing list from web directories and printed
  • Merging and/or splitting data fields
  • Removing errors related to capitalization and spelling
  • Deleting mailing lists obsolete records
  • Deleting duplicate records
  • Address verification (Code, Zip, City, State, etc)

The Need for Mailing List Compilation Services

A robust and updated mailing list will ensure success whether you are kick-starting your marketing plan or sending newsletters to your lead prospects or customers. In addition, this services prevents you from sending email to wrong address.

Benefits of Our Mailing List Compilation Services

Mailing list compilation services come with a number of benefits including:

  • You will have plenty of time to focus on core business activities thus boosting business growth and development.
  • You get processing of huge volumes of data in a short period of time.
  • You get a great talent pool in management with the company‚Äôs project manager making sure you get the quality work.
  • You will have plenty of time at your disposal to take a better control of your own organization.
  • Reputable brand like DataEntryBox get you best services. We have a strict quality control processes in place.
  • You can get tasks done faster and affordably.

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Reason to choose DataEntryBox for your mailing list compilation?

AskMyHand is one of the leading companies working in this domain. We provide full customer satisfaction and our highly talented and skilled experts offer best services to meet various needs of our esteemed clients.

You should hire us because we :

  • Offer a free-trial for service before you start working with us.
  • Have highly-competitive prices.
  • Have the ability of compiling wide range of business or customer mailing list from different sources.
  • Are available all the time to offer the best customer support and resolve issues.
  • Have worked with several global database.
  • Maintain 100% data security.
  • Work only after fully understanding a project.

To get your mailing list compilation services done within your stipulated time, reach out to us. Our team is readily available to assist you.

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