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Looking for expert OCR Cleaning Services?

OCR Clean Up Services

Through their everyday business activities, there is a need for organizations to access data from various sources but sometimes they are unable due the formats these data are in. there is therefore the need to convert such formats into easily accessible formats.

DataEntryBox is committed to provision of OCR ready to assist you with your OCR and OCR clean-up service needs. We have tools in place for conversion of images to texts in Unicode and ASCII formats. This process is highly specialized and requires scanners of high resolutions and a team of skilled personnel.

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What You Stand To Gain By Outsourcing The Services

There are however, the possibilities of errors occurring during the OCR process. There has to therefore be "Optical Character Recognition Clean-Up" which is carried out to rectify these errors and improve accuracy. We specialize in both the OCR & OCR clean-up services.

DataEntryBox lets you benefit from numerous offers in services for all your data conversion needs. DataEntryBox has the expertise of converting your image files to your desired formats and clean up your files to at least 98% accuracy level.

The OCR is advantageous over the ordinary bar code readers as it is able to handle 6 more times data. Benefits of outsourcing include :

Increased usability

Converting journals, books and other materials that are handwritten in electronic formats thereby increasing your data usability.

Minimized errors

The service is used to in consolidating or reducing errors in data entry.

Conversion to electronic formats

Optical Character Recognition can be used turn materials into electronic formats.

Faster data entry

Fast data capturing from image files using OCR than normal data entry processes.

Reasons for OCR clean-up services

When performing OCR process, there are possibilities of loss of data in converting. Parallel clean-up or OCR clean-up operation has to be initiated in order to recover data lost and improve the process quality.

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We use the service to compare the OCR files against the original files and correct errors that may have arisen because of misreading of characters. OCR cleanup services are needed to recover the data lost in cases of technical documents or other scientific materials as these need precision of OCR conversion. Hence, we at DataEntryBox offer OCR cleanup services to raise the quality standards of the conversion processes.

Why you need to choose Us

Here is why you should pick us for your OCR and clean-up needs.

  • We use the latest technology for our services as well as Deskew images to ensure improved readability.
  • The OCR clean-up process is performed by trained personnel and superior quality control that ensures accuracy and minimizes data loss.
  • Cheap and reliable solutions.
  • Capable of converting your files into your required format.

OCR and clean-up services require skilled providers who have established a name in this area just like DataEntryBox. Choose us as your services provider for the best services at friendly cost. Contact us now.

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