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  • Can save huge amount of time and resources and direct them to your core business processes for high profit levels.
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Online Data Entry Services

DataEntryBox in online data entry is very crucial to an organizational performance. With inaccurate data, an organization is bound to make unintentional mistakes when using the inaccurate data to make major organizational decisions.

DataEntryBox understands what data and accuracy means to an organization and it exists to provide solutions in online data entry services as part of your core competencies. The company has highly skilled executives who are trained to handle online data entry of catalogs, e-books and databases among others.

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We provide wide range of online data entry services including

Online Data Entry Services :

We offer the best services that range from simple tasks in data entry to compilation of data from various websites, e-books, business cards and catalogs. We also do form processing as well as related online data entry services. We provide our esteemed clients with quality work using state-of-the-art technology.

Online Catalog Data Entry :

This service involves updating databases of your online stores with information obtained from PDF, printed catalogs or websites. It also involves online editing of images and modifying textual descriptions, deleting irrelevant parts, searching the internet and preparing online catalogs and adding product images.

Online Image Services :

We do image scanning, cropping, capturing, clipping, high speed data entry from images, image retrieval, image editing and other related services. We commit to providing both offline and online image data entry solutions.

Online Data Entry of Databases :

TWe create database with the desired information that is up to date. We also continually maintain and upgrade databases for smooth running of businesses. It is the best method of storing and updating important data which can be stored both on online and offline platforms. Some of the popular databases we use in our services include Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle and FoxPro. This service helps in reducing the redundancy of data in your organization.

Online Data Entry of e-Books :

We do online e-books data entry services. Our team will save you time and monotonous work involved in data entry of e-books and managing them as well. We also provide services in areas inclusive of magazines, websites, books, questionnaires, manuals, surveys and so many other related areas. Our professional team has high fluency in language, knowledge in programs and fast typing skills that ensure timely delivery of tasks with maximum accuracy.

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Other Data Entry Services We Offer

Offline Data Entry Services :

This involves inputting raw information to database programs or word processors with the instructions of the service buyer without the use of internet. We offer data entry services with minimal or no errors delivered within your specified time. We boast of providing offline data entry services to hospitals, publishing houses, educational institutions and finance & accounting companies.

Offshore Data Entry Services :

DataEntryBox provides quality services for enormous volumes of offshore applications. Some of the application services. DataEntryBox offers include compilations, electronic publications, file conversions, database creation, data entry for e-books, and so on.

For more of these and other online data entry services, contact us and you are assured of being assisted with the best services. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to excellently help you with your data entry tasks which will result into huge benefit for your business.

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