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Outsource Data Entry Services

For large number of records that their need for digitization and manual entry, a trusted and experienced data entry service provider is needed especially where you cannot handle all this by yourself.

DataEntryBox is a reliable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and a service provider in class Data Entry Services with a huge experience guaranteed to solve your data entry needs irrespective of the number of records.

We are well-known global company in providing outsourcing services in data entry since for the past 16 years. We support both the small and large companies across the world with a large number of esteemed clients from UK, US, India, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Ireland, Germany, France and many others.

Our services are of high-quality, timely and above all, cost-effective.

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Data Entry Services with Emphasis on Quality and Accuracy

We have high reputation in professionalism, quality, accuracy, timeliness and commitment and it is a reputation we intend to maintain. As an offshore company, we have a team of fully trained professionals who guarantee 100% customer satisfaction in the services we provide.

We at DataEntryBox, also incorporate the use of advanced technologies in processes in data entry by implementing Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optic Character Recognition (OCR) technologies in our services. With this kind of technologies, we boast of handling over 280 million different documents in a year.

With the application of OCR and ICR technologies in conjunction with our teams of highly skilled and experienced individuals, we guarantee 99.9% level in accuracy and high-quality results in data entry services. These technologies are able to convert millions of documents including machine-printed or handwritten into electronic formats daily. This is to mean we can handle any nature of work and deliver the best results within your stipulated time.

To keep our dedicated team to serving you even better, we at DataEntryBox invest significantly on training our teams on a continual basis. This is to ensure that we remain your most trusted partner.

Quality Assured Data Entry Company

DataEntryBox has been a leader in data entry service provider since 2000. We are an experienced BPO company that has and continous to adhere to industrial standards in not only providing data entry services but fully protecting your data in the process. ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications, are proof we are the right company to work with. We value confidentiality and thus use secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) in accessing data.

Why Outsource to DataEntryBox?

In-Depth Process Knowledge :

With an experience of more than 16 years in data entry service provision, we have acquired significant process knowledge, skills and expertise in all areas that relate to data entry process.

Skilled and Experienced Workforce :

Our team is made of some of the most skilled and experienced personnel who regularly go through training and development for purposes of making sure their knowledge, skills and expertise are at all times updated.

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Large Volume Data Entry Processing :

Large volumes of documents can be handled and processed by our competent and professional teams in conjunction with the current ICR and OCR technologies in place, thus ensuring your business workflow is streamlined, efficiency enhanced and productivity improved.

Technology :

We acquire new and update our existing Technologies regularly, or when required to ensure latest technology is in place with in order to serve you better.

Affordable Data Entry services :

Our pricing on data entry services is considered the most competitive in the market. We have various payment models for flexible data entry packages that are on hourly basis, per-transaction to per-dedicated resource model. You are free to choose a model that conveniently works for you.

As one of the most trusted companies in data entry services with more than 16 years of service provision, we are ready to handle any data entry tasks that might come our way. We would be glad to enthusiastically assist you with your tasks relating to data entry. Contact us for more information of how we can get to assist you.

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