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Product Description Writing Services

You have come across a number of appealing products on various ecommerce sites with very poor product descriptions that have not only been copy pasted from the manufacturers details but are also long and turn down customers who try to buy the same products.

Product description is an area neglected by most online store entrepreneurs. Writing product descriptions can be an involving task and that is why as an online store manager, you need services of a professional.

We have an experience of over 13 years offering the best quality services to various clients in several industries all over the world. Our unique and high-quality services in product description will effectively boost sales on your website.

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They effective way we follow to write product description

DataEntryBox is a product description and catalog copywriting service provider that is more than happy and ready to assist you. We have a team that is highly trained and experienced in creating SEO friendly, compelling and quality product descriptions that have the power of convincing the buyers to purchase the products.

Know your Product

We understand that a great product description cannot be created without a detailed knowledge of your product and that is why we carry out a thorough research to know the technical aspects of your products before generating a product description.

Product Description

Our team generates an effective, concise and convincing product description that influences customers to buy the product by keenly paying attention to:

  • Language : Our team keeps your targeted audience in mind by using appropriate language and right terms of sales for your products.
  • Tone : We mind the tone of the descriptions that will have a spark on the customers. We use words like ‘you’ in the descriptions to create a personal note with the customers in order to impact sales.
  • Sentence Structure : The product description will be designed to precisely get points across as opposed to long sentences that readers give up halfway while reading.
  • Long Descriptions : This will consist of heavy and impactful keywords. Our team will do an 80 to 100 words per piece introducing the product, explaining the product specifications, and the benefits of the products to the user reading about the product.
  • Key Features : We put emphasis on any and all USPs of your products or any other key features to guarantee chances of product conversion.
  • Category wise Attributes : Our team does not exclude any provided SKUs of a product such as product ID, title, images, description, etc.
  • Accuracy in Content : We pay close attention to detail to make sure the description matches the exact product in order to avoid cases where a customer buys a product that is a bit or totally different from what he read on the site.
  • Unique Description : We understand the implication of having duplicate content on your site and therefore generate original and high-quality product description from scratch to avoid such consequences and result in higher rankings in the search engines.

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Scalable Description Writing Services

Our highly trained and experienced team is equipped with skills to handle even bulky descriptions of products.

SEO Friendly Descriptions

We make sure that the descriptions of your products are written in an optimal search engine way to enhance rankings and achiever greater number of hits.


We maintain the ranked keywords in mind while writing various product descriptions. We include such keywords in the attributes, headers and footers as well as other static blocks while maintaining visibility.

Meta Tags

Our team will design pages for each SKU thus allowing the creation of keyword rich and also product specific Meta tags.

Still looking for a reason to hire us?

  • We offer best quality services at the most friendly market rates.
  • We have an experienced and highly skilled team that has worked for diverse clients.
  • Provision of unique, original and SEO friendly product description services.
  • We create highly compelling descriptions that influence customers to purchase your products.
  • We carry out research about the products before creating their descriptions to ensure relevance and accuracy of description.

Contact us for the best practically effective solutions in product description writing / catalog copywriting services offered at the industry’s best market prices. Our team is readily available to assist you.

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Open door for all eCommerce to target Long Tail Keyword

Client Requirement: We need to improve the visibility of our whole eCommerce website and the expanded item description (and different title labels) will acquire more movement from the long tail keyword search.

Solution: We work towards the knowledge graph and "being the appropriate response". We used to make tracks in an opposite direction from essentially portraying the item and get into depicting who might profit most from it, what sorts of information are most appropriate to it, That's what we have done for this situation.

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