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How Not to Botch Your Website Migration? Everything You Need to get this done.

eCommerce Product Data Migration Services

Online stores sometimes expand and get bigger with time outgrowing the platforms they were built on. Entrepreneurs running an eCommerce site might feel the platform is not rich in features as per his business needs. The solution for either cases is to move the whole online store with all its product data to more sufficient and suitable platforms. This task is not only delicate but also tiresome and it daunts even the most experienced ecommerce owners.

We therefore exist to help you accurately transfer your product data with no cases of loss of information. We offer eCommerce data migration services at a most competitive price within your stipulated time.

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How we can help with shopping cart product data migration service :

Our team of highly trained professionals who have in-depth knowledge in eCommerce data migration services will see you through your data migration needs with a lot of convenience and efficiency. In conjunction with available technology and other resources, we are confident that we will deliver beyond your expectations.

Comprehensively plan the whole process of migration to avoid loss of product data while the process is on. The planning is also to make sure there is no duplication of data in the migration process.

Audit your current online platform in order to discover the areas and in what ways they are affecting your business. With the information from auditing, we migrate your data to a platform that is suitable for your business.

Study and keenly understand your new eCommerce database structure to come up with the best ways to organize product data in it.

Use the tab and comma delimited formats to properly organize product data and also bulk migration to new platforms. Regardless of the size of your product data, we can efficiently migrate it with utmost accuracy.

We make the new page titles and URLs similar to the old ones as per your direction. This is to ensure the page rank is not affected and also your customers can easily find you.

Make sure your new eCommerce platform is integrated with your set payment processes, accounting systems, and shipping vendor services.

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We are unique in our service delivery than our counterparts in the industry. We value you and your business and understand what is means to you and for that we migrate your data with utmost accuracy and efficiency to prevent any consequences that might arise due to looss of data.

Before undertaking the data migration projects, our team studies your business needs and requirements and decide on the platforms that are best suited for you and your business. Our team that is made up of highly qualified professionals and knowledgeable in all major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart, etc can customize features in these platforms to ensure success in your online business!

Get in touch with us today for the best services in the industry in ecommerce data migration services in the market’s best ever rates. Our team is readily available to assist you in your queries and needs on real-time basis.

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4950+ Product and 9700+ Cusomer with order data mighration without downtime

Client Requirement: From old eCommerce business site to relocate the product catalog of our items onto the new website. There are around 4.950 items in addition to colour shading varieties of a few items, making there 15,000+ items. the items MUST be relocated from our present ecommerce site to the new ecommerce site.

Solution: Our eCommerce specialists populated the item information in batch of product spreadsheet. Our product migration service included rounding out a spreadsheet with items, altering pictures, setting up price, and transferring the database on customers FTP site.

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